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Tribu de Trueno A.I.R

April 19-May 2,  2018

For 2 weeks I was able to share ideas, create artwork and explore Bariloche, Argentina with Tribu de Trueno and the photographer Charlie Suse. 

Tribu de trueno is organized by  two visual artists, Bárbara Visconti  and Sato Cereceda. Is an independent project that was born of the desire to build a space for artistic production, wich relate in collective practices, the exchange of knowledge and diferents views about art and its relationship with the community. For this reason, they opened the doors of their  house to artists who wish to develop a project, individual or collective, in contact with the beautiful city and powerfull landscape of San Carlos de Bariloche. They look for the exchange of experiences between local and foreign artists.  

“Bariloche reminds me
of your transparent smile
on an autumnal night”

-> photographic record of the residence