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The Revolution of the Oblivion

excerpt I
there are people who run away from winter
like me of catastrophes
without questioning the time
or the infinities that life gives

excerpt III
the forest numbs
like Baltic sirens
the body lightens
Patagonian encounters
between dreams
and the desire to return
to touch again
your crystalline skin

excerpt II
I  left the forest of the thousand faces
to arrive to the southern forest
of the thousand expansions
my wings unfold
impossible to escape
of the delusions that form us

 excerpt IV

Bariloche reminds me
of your transparent smile
on an autumnal night
where your luminescent skin
activates the ochers and coppers
of the sleeping volcanoes
in the remote
the smell of rain
tears apart my reality

excerpt V

the revolution of lost time
the revolution of the forgotten creatures

Wake up!

that magic escapes us
in zeros and unimportant ones
observe the cosmos
from this humid earth
that wraps our feet
we encountert
still, perplexed and static
Our eyes break in front of
their lost looks

Wake up!

before the ancient gods
take our spirits
and transform them into astral dust

Wake up!

before everything perishes
before the simulations
eat our reality

excerpt VI

in the absence of the cosmos
misguided navigations
of innocent souls
to distant worlds
that open slowly
allowing the passage
of ancestral reflexes
telling our ethereal
humanity story