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A somber haze affair


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You breathe… the light enters - The air as an instrument - The air as a bond - The violence of the invisible - It disrupts all of us

How are certain spaces transformed physically and symbolically with the use we give to the air? How do our bodies resist certain instruments of violence? How do we redefine our relationship with air?

This is an installation performative work that investigates the relationship between air and the violence of the invisible. The kind of violence that is linked to what we normally do not associate with instruments of cruelty. In this case, the management of air supply as a weapon for femi(ni)cide worldwide, especially in domestic spaces.

There is certain violence that is less visible to outsiders. Many women feel shame and they are pretty good at hiding any trace of violence. It is “still so deeply embedded in cultures around the world that it is almost invisible,” says the UN.

Globally 81,000 women and girls were killed in 2021, around 45,000 of them (56%) died at the hands of an intimate partner or a family member. (UN Women)

The most dangerous place for a woman is the home: it is estimated that around the world, a woman or girl is killed every 11 minutes in their own home. (UNODC)

In Germany, every 2 and half days a woman is killed by intimate partnership violence.

Why air?

Because in certain countries like Germany:

“Although attacks on the air supply are the second leading cause of death, the criminal law assessment »bodily injury« does not map the attack directly on life.” Wolff

Means that this term leads to sentence reductions or being sentenced guilty of manslaughter instead of murder. Air as an indirect weapon becomes the perfect instrument of cruelty.

Beauty creates a barrier, it dazzles us from the outside and doesn't let us in. If we add to the formula strength, education, and success, then we got this perfect place for violence to live and go unnoticed. In the aftermath, are you able to smell the violence?

How to talk about violence to generate thoughts that nourish us and not destroy us? How to search, find the tools, and transform the objects that we have in our households in order to build a shelter and eventually recover the spirit?