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Þedda redast
or how to trust in magic


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How can our bodies resist violence?
How can storytelling give us faith to survive the violent nature (volcano eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, etc.)? How can storytelling restore faith?
How can faith restore our broken spirits?

Feel the energy spots the Icelandic people tell.

“The rays of peace and love flow from the mountain Kaldbakur, that towers above us on the eastern side of the fiord… with your inner eye, you perceive glorious combination of color, that bring out all the best in your soul… Deep within your soul, you have found the peace you thought you lost for ever in the bustle and commotion of everyday life. Deep within your soul, you feel gratitude and faith in the beauty of the world and you rejoice in the power that waits for you to set off for your final destination”
Þorsteinn Þorstainsson

Visual studies on violence
A project made at Gamli Skóli Oldschool Arthouse
September 2023