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Fragments of a lost Childhood

In what instant does the soul begins to drift? I get lost between the ultramarine blue and the crimson red a variant of sweet oranges wrapping soft pink cotton candy memories of eternal walks towards nothing
a soothing nothingness
a nothingness that lets me sleep at night

today I think about the lost instant
and the unattainable future
a few seconds ago my body struggled
against any common disease
of those that do not matter
of those that do not kill
I'll know I will forget everything

I recall the old days
colors and shapes
and your smile
today your smile stays
in my memory box

It will make me feel complete
when the invisible scars
of my olive skin
start to come alive

reflected narratives
in fragmented mirrors
my stories
     – transparent wounds
trying to remember
the first moment

where I felt the lack of
                     – a beating heart