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In 2017 the portal, "El Vigia", invited me to collaborate on a non-profit project to promote the work and voice of inmates.

El Vigia

This portal seeks to publish, disseminate and publicize the work of the inmates who, on a weekly basis, are producing texts of various genres, giving voice to the issues that most concern and interest them. These works are produced within the framework of two-hour work sessions in which inmates are provided with tools on education for peace, human rights and conflict management and bases in literary creation and in the genres of story, poetry, epistle and chronic.

These works are collected, classified, edited and a selection is made of those that are considered likely to be published. This space aims to become a channel of communication and dialogue between the inmates and the people outside through letters.

This portal was created thanks to the SCHOLARSHIP "SOCIAL KNOWLEDGE FOR CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION 2017" granted by the Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Sports.

Subsequently, the portal has been strengthened with the “Bogotá Diverse Social Sectors” Scholarship (2018) and the “Art for Social Transformation” Scholarship (2019).

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