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Instructions for becoming a fairy

2015 - 2016

This project is the result of an inner research about me growing up in Mexico.
Is about the violence Mexicans live on, specifically the violence towards women.

In Mexico there are seven women kill every day
-Right, but don’t tell it in a way that looks that every single man kills.
Well, 9 out of 10 women had been sexually harass in public transportation
-Yeah, but also there is women that never give up their seat
True, but is because many men masturbate in front us and they caress their penis in our bodies.
-I said the seats.
You know every 20 seconds there is woman being rape
-Sure, but you talk about equality until you need to lift something heavy
9 out 10 women has lived some kind of violence
-That doesn’t mean that every single men is violent
Ok, but there is the reality that structural inequalities place women in situations of economic, sexual and social vulnerability.
-Yes, but you know, men we also suffer for violence, like for example we are not allow to cry*

*translated from Dahlia de la Cerda